Be Of Service

Listen withUndivided AttentiontoFocus
Listen with your:  
Ear - to Hear, Eyes - to See,
Mind - to Think, Heart to Feel

a non-profit •  non-criticism • non-partisan initiative

Bibi W Ohlsson
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Richard S Ohlsson
Founder & President
☺︎ Generosity Junkie

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We all have something that is of value to someone else. All we need to do is to share it, like we share a smile
Raising Awareness!

The small decisions or steps we are making today will have a great impact on our future.

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There Is No Higher Purpose Than Service!

Find your inner power by helping others

Be Selfish Help Someone!  That Someone Could Be You

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Reach Out

Do Something Today That The Future Will Thank You For.

Be of Service is passionately on a mission to raise awareness that helping others also will be a benefit to yourself. 

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